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J.Blonde on 10 May : 17:02
agree sent a mail to Carol

Jeveran on 30 Apr : 17:29
I'm beginning to believe this game is actually an exquisitely sublime study on game loyalty.

J.Blonde on 24 Mar : 08:10
I believe the turn is being processed now

Shadowsquid on 17 Mar : 13:05
Are we still playing?

Aquazoo on 24 Oct : 15:12
Orders deadline is past! Any questions, just ask.

Aquazoo on 21 Oct : 13:39
Orders are rolling in!

Aquazoo on 18 Oct : 18:14
Adding as we get orders in — I get a lot of character requests who don't end up playing.

J.Blonde on 18 Oct : 16:44
Greasy pole updated to reflect new characters

J.Blonde on 02 Oct : 15:46
Website updated

J.Blonde on 01 Oct : 17:20
thxs Carol website to be updated at the weekend.

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HMS Enterpise is Recruiting!
Moderators: J.Blonde
Author Post
Tue Mar 17 2015, 08:56AM
Registered Member #10067
Joined: Mon Jun 03 2013, 08:42AM
Posts: 6
HMS Enterprise is recruiting!

Calling all true Patriots and blue blooded Brits to come and serve in His Majesty's Sloop of War the Enterprise!

The Enterprise needs you to join the fight in the Blockade Squadron today!

The following ranks and appointments are available to men of True Grit and Noble Spirit who desire to take the fight to France!

Commissions and Ranks

1st Lieutenant

2nd Lieutenant

Larboard Midshipman

Starboard Midshipman

Able Seaman

Sailors always welcome


Ship's Adjutant Lieutenant

Captain's Secretary Midshipman

Captain of the Top Midshipman

Carpenter Able Seaman

Purser Able Seaman

Sailmaster Able Seaman

Gunner Able Seaman

Captain's Steward Able Seaman

Gunroom Stewards Sailor

Neptune's Equerry Sailor

Your Master and Commander has been schooled by the Naval Academy's finest tutors; developed and nurtured under the watchful eye of Captain Peter Plain of the Mercury, and has seen active service with the Enterprise against the wretched French. Confident in his abilities at sea, recognised by the Admiralty for his efforts, mentioned in despatches and now elevated to take his step at the helm of the Enterprise, Caesar needs you to add your strength and courage to his own virtues and keep the French where they belong!

I promise you the reckless charm of the sea with its calm dawns and its tempestuous nights; hard labour before the mast or the guns; but most of all, the chance to prove yourself with the Blockade Squadron and join us. For in the words of that son of England, William Shakespeare (with apologies for my own additions):

"We happy few, we band of brothers,

For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;
And gentlemen in England now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks
That fought with us upon the English Channel

And kept the miserable French at port in shame and terror of our English fleet."

Join us; join me; honour and adoration await you.

Julius Caesar
Master and Commander
HMS Enterprise
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Wed Mar 18 2015, 09:59PM
Registered Member #7
Joined: Sat Feb 19 2011, 01:33PM
Location: Kensington
Posts: 229
Re-posted to the Yahoo Group.
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