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J.Blonde on 10 May : 18:02
agree sent a mail to Carol

Jeveran on 30 Apr : 18:29
I'm beginning to believe this game is actually an exquisitely sublime study on game loyalty.

J.Blonde on 24 Mar : 08:10
I believe the turn is being processed now

Shadowsquid on 17 Mar : 13:05
Are we still playing?

Aquazoo on 24 Oct : 16:12
Orders deadline is past! Any questions, just ask.

Aquazoo on 21 Oct : 14:39
Orders are rolling in!

Aquazoo on 18 Oct : 19:14
Adding as we get orders in — I get a lot of character requests who don't end up playing.

J.Blonde on 18 Oct : 17:44
Greasy pole updated to reflect new characters

J.Blonde on 02 Oct : 16:46
Website updated

J.Blonde on 01 Oct : 18:20
thxs Carol website to be updated at the weekend.

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April 1796
Moderators: J.Blonde
Author Post
Sat Oct 12 2013, 02:15AM
Registered Member #7
Joined: Sat Feb 19 2011, 01:33PM
Location: Kensington
Posts: 229
Please post announcements HERE for April 1796, for anything that needs to be decided or parties to be held in this game month.
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Gene Reeves
Mon Jun 23 2014, 07:25PM
Registered Member #10925
Joined: Fri Jan 03 2014, 06:18PM
Location: Ushuaia
Posts: 8
GR to all London's society: party at 2nd week


Gene Reeves will host a party at 2nd week in The Pit.

all Londoner are invited, all costs will be covered by the host.

Since hot season arrive I want Toadying and carousing with all guests,
showing new cold drinks using West Indian's elixirs

Gene Reeves
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Wed Jul 02 2014, 10:08AM
Registered Member #50
Joined: Wed May 25 2011, 02:03PM
Posts: 5
Gentlemen of London - excluding those serving on Achilles.

You and your ladies are cordially invited to a soiree at my home during the 4th week of the month. I have a barrel of fine Spanish port gifted to me by the Spanish Admiral and several barrels of decent French wine, liberated by men of the Vanguard.

Any men currently serving on Vanguard are expected to attend as there shall be a brief meeting to discuss tactics and whatnot.


Captain Llwydium-Crystal, HMS Vanguard.

ooc: all SL 5+ and their ladies invited, except Achilles scum, week 4.
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Wed Jul 02 2014, 02:11PM
Registered Member #13
Joined: Mon Feb 21 2011, 10:20AM
Posts: 3

Andy left the house early that morning and headed for his tailors on Saville Row. It was time for a new uniform ... as a Lieutenant of His Majesty's Ship, Vanguard. Captain Lwydium-Crystal had agreed to accept him as an Officer of the Watch!
Several hours later he left his tailors, resplendent in his new uniform (with two spare, for emergencies you know ... and space for the extra braid he would need after the some campaign). He cut quite a dash as he walked down Regent Street to Picadilly Circus.
In a very good mood he decided he and Leta should throw a party ... invite all his new Shipmates along ... yes ... that would be a great way to start a new life. The Club would be a good place to hold it! Let's see - Captain Crystal wanted to see all the Officers at the end of the month ... so the week before would be as good a time as any.
A simple Black Tie meal for the Officer of the Vanguard their friend and ladies.
He quickly dropped into a local scribes office and had invites sent out:
"Officers and Gentlemen of the Vanguard, our friends and our Ladies you are all invited to my club, Lloyds for a quiet evening of good food, fine wine and the best conversation on how we will deal with those damned Frogs this summer. Costs will be met for all Officers of HMS Vanguard. Your Servant, Lieutenant Boddy , Vanguard ... etc etc.
Shortly a few urchins were dashing off with coppers in their pockets to deliver the invites ...

[OOC - Hope this OK Carol. Announcement of intention to join Vanguard (PC Captain - so I am guessing no problems there) and announcement of Party at Lloyd's. Week 3. All Officers and Gentlemen of the Vanguard are invited with their ladies and costs will be met. All other Gentlemen of SL5+ are also invited (cannot access rules, for anyone who can if you are the "Enemy" ship of Vanguard you are NOT invited). ]

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Fri Jul 04 2014, 04:09AM
Registered Member #74
Joined: Sun Aug 07 2011, 01:16PM
Posts: 9
1st Lieutenant Ames
HMS Royal Oak

Dear Lieutenant,

As the most senior officer aboard the Royal Oak, I wish to submit my application to join your ranks as Lieutenant. I include my portfolio of achievements thus far and I am certain that you will not find anyone else as skilled in the craft of seamanship. I look forward to your reply in due time as I am currently serving with the blockade squadron.

Sincerely Yours,

Lieutenant Gabriel Ambrose Bathurst
HMS Fiddler's Green

(OOC: GAB applies for Lieutenancy aboard the Royal Oak.)
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Sun Jul 06 2014, 04:57PM
Registered Member #7
Joined: Sat Feb 19 2011, 01:33PM
Location: Kensington
Posts: 229
Announcements are closed for the April, 1796 turn.
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